Architectural Planning of Twin Bungalow 200 sqmt

Learn Architectural Planning of Twin Bungalow With Luxurious Amenities, Download PPT & Drawings.
This course includes:
▪️ 3D Walkthrough
▪️ Video Lectures  
▪️ Downloadable PPT  
▪️ Downloadable Drawings
What you’ll learn 

▪️ Architecture planning of a 200 SQMT bungalow with luxurious amenities with 3D walkthrough presentation.
▪️ Use of Amenities like Mini-plex Home Theatre, Terrace Garden etc.
▪️ Individual Space Planning.
▪️ Interior Design key points for high profile clients.
▪️ Architectural Planning of luxurious Bungalow
▪️ How to prepare final PPT presentation of the project.

Course Description

This is a complete guide for all architects, engineers and interior designers who wish to learn how to design a bungalow!
 ✔ In this course, you can learn about the various elements involved in master planning a bungalow.

✔ A 3D walkthrough of entire project is given so that you can visualize the bungalow areas very easily.  

✔ The Luxurious Bungalow is designed with modern ideas to facilitate each area and fulfil the purpose of area.
✔ There are varied experiences of enjoyment and silence, rain and sunlight, lavish living and earthy fresh air; all of these playing around the outdoor and indoor balconies and terrace garden.  In this course, we will see in detail about:

• Design Of 200 SQMT Bungalow With Luxurious Amenities
• Architecture Planning
• Civil Space Planning
• Reference Drawings
• Enlarged Plans and 3D views of individual rooms
• Reference 3D models
• Reference 3D Walk Through
• Reference PPT Presentation For Project (For Client Presentation)
• Reference Data Sheet
• Downloadable AutoCAD drawings of the project  

✔ You will get a lifetime access to all these lectures, AutoCAD drawings, PPTs and the book whenever you want to revisit! You can also check out another of our courses where we have covered the estimation and costing of this bungalow in detail.  

✔ So what are you waiting for? Join the course now and create the bungalows and houses you always dreamed of!!

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Course Pricing

  • Architectural Planning of Twin Bungalow 200 sqmt
  • $20 USD

    Learn how to do Architectural Planning of Luxurious Bungalow and Client Presentation all in one place!

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