Office 3300 sqft

Learn Civil Estimation & Costing of a 3300 sqft Corporate Office using Excel & AutoCAD from ground zero.

Course Summary

What you’ll learn

Estimation & Quantity take-off using Excel & AutoCAD
• 3D Walkthrough of entire site for clear visualization
• Costing calculation of estimated materials
• Construction Estimation of different materials/services
• Abstract sheet preparation along with specifications
• Understanding the site plan & areas with 3D walkthrough
• Download the Excel files & AutoCAD files used in the project
• Understanding the format of Estimation sheet

Course Description

This is a complete guide to Construction Estimation, Costing & Quantity Surveying of a complete Corporate Office Project.

 In this course, we will go through the estimation of our 3300 sqft Corporate Office along with a 3D walkthrough of our site for clear understanding.  

We will go through AutoCAD drawings as well as Excel sheet for calculating the quantities.  

This course contains the estimate of an Office whose Master Planning is already covered in one of our courses. So we have also included the architectural drawings and 3D walkthrough of our site and master planning.  

This course contains the following topics:  
• Site Cleaning / Soil Filling  
• Sand Filling Estimation  
• Excavation Estimation  
• P.C.C. & Anti-termite Estimation  
• R.C.C. Estimation  
• Reinforcement & Formwork Quantity  
• Brickwork Quantity  
• Half Brick Masonry (Partition Wall)  
• Plaster Quantity Estimation  
• Flooring Estimation  
• Abstract Sheet (Costing)  
• Downloads / Resources  

You will get a lifetime access to all these lectures, AutoCAD drawings and Excel Sheets whenever you want to revisit!  

You can also check out another of our courses where we have covered the architecture planning and design of this Corporate Office Project in detail. You can also download the excel file of the estimation with all working formulas for reference or for other projects.  

So what are you waiting for? Join the course now and start doing the Estimation, Costing & Quantity Surveying of various projects!!

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Course Pricing

  • Civil Estimation & Costing of 3300 sqft Corporate
  • 1000 INR

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