CPM : Purchase Management & CFM

Learn About Project Purchase Management and CFM - Cash Flow Management

What you’ll learn

Role of purchase team at project head office
Purchase order process
Agreement process
CFM- Cash Flow Management of orders

Course Description

This is a complete guide for all architects, engineers and interior designers who wish to learn purchase management of project at head office! This course is a part of Project Management Module.

✔ In this course, you can learn about the various process involved in purchasing of various items / services agreements and cash flow management.

✔ CAPEX: What is CAPEX - Capital Expenditure, understanding of capital expenditure and cost of the project with sample Project CAPEX.

✔ Purchase Orders: What is a process to prepare final purchase order of capital goods like cement, steel, stones, finishing material, boiler, transformers, panels, havc systems      i.e. technical specification, Inquiry Floating, Quotation, Techo-economical Comparison, Negotiation, preparation of Purchase Order. Sample of Equipment Inquires and Purchase Orders.

✔ Agreements : what is a process to prepare agreements for service provider / Contractors / Consultants i.e. Tender floating, Techo-economical Comparison, Negotiation,       Preparation of Agreements, Sample of Agreements

✔ CFM- Cash Flow Management: Monthly Project Cash Flow Management with sample.

So what are you waiting for? Join the course now and learn project purchase management in large scale projects!!

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