PM9 - Project Management at Site

Learn About Project Management At Site

What you’ll learn

  Introduction to Construction Project Management.

  All Construction Project Management Activity At Site Starting From Survey To Finishes.

  Site Activities Footages And Videos.

Course Description

This is a complete guide for all architects, civil engineers and project managers who wish to learn about all construction project management activities at site! This course is part of our Project Management Program.

✔ In this course, we will go through all construction activities listed below.
    Survey, Master Planning,  Area Grading, Line Out
   Normal Foundation, Pile Foundation, Equipment Foundations
   Load Bearing Structures, RCC Structures
   Plinth Beams, Columns, Stuff Columns
   Grade Slab, Coping, Lintels & Chajjas
   Formwork, Slab & Slab Level Beams,
   Staircase, Expansion Joints
   Flooring, Outdoor Flooring, Tile Cladding
   Painting, Water Proofing
   Water Supply, UGT construction
   Water Drainage
   Plumbing Accessories, Sanitary wares
   Rainwater Spouts, Strom water drains
   Boundary walls
   Roads, Paver Parking
✔ We will go through actual site footages and videos of large scale projects for better understanding of various activities.

So what are you waiting for? Join the course now and learn construction project management activities at site!!

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